Golf Lessons

Private Lessons

Single Lessons (SQ Member/Non-Member)

1 Hour Lesson - $90/$130

1/2 Hour Lesson - $50/$75


Three 1 Hour Lessons - $180/$320

Ten 1 Hour Lessons - $500/$800

Annual (24 x 1 hour lessons) - $1000/$1,700

Online Lessons:

Available through Golf Digest Golf Schools online and Rapsodo Coach Connect app.

Contact me for pricing on private playing lessons.

Annual Program

The Annual Program is the best value for your money! (Limited to only 15 players per year)

The Club at Savannah Quarters Members




Annual Program Includes:

  • 2 hours of lessons per month (can be use how the student and coach sees fit, example: 2 one hour lessons, 30 min. tune-ups, playing lessons, etc.)

  • Yearly clubfitting

  • Bio Swing Assessment

  • K-Vest Sessions 

  • unlimited online lesson videos

  • Video Analysis​

What is covered in the Annual Program​!


  • Complete Stroke Mechanics Evaluation (using Blast Motion)

  • 3 Absolutes of Putting (Green Reading, Start Direction, & Speed)

  • Video Analysis 

  • Quite Eye Techniques and Practice Plan Development 

  • Putter Fitting/Evaluation

Short Game:

  • Complete Wedge Stroke Mechanics Evaluation (using TrackMan)

  • Wedge Gaping 

  • Video Analysis 

  • Practice Plan Development 

  • Short Game Course Management

  • Wedge Fitting/Evaluation

Full Swing:

  • Complete Full Swing Mechanics Evaluation (using TrackMan)

  • Video Analysis 

  • Practice Plan Development 

  • Full Swing Course Management

  • Driver and Iron Fitting/Evaluation

Speed training


The Rypstick™ is the premier Speed Training Tool in golf because of its convenience (1 stick vs. 3), versatility (8 weight combinations), and custom training workouts. Since being launched in December Rypstick has added: 30+ PGA Tour Players, 150+ Top Teachers, and over half of the top World Long Drive Athletes.

For the last 3 years, the Rypstick team has been researching overspeed/overload training and the results are incredible. Within 2 months of training with the Rypstick the average distance gain is 15-25 yards. Results may vary but everyone will benefit. 









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